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'The Walking Dead'
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‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 new sneak peek: Check out what’s ahead

'The Walking Dead' Commons Xeworlebi

‘The Walking Dead’
Commons Xeworlebi

Fans have been missing “The Walking Dead” during its season 4 winter hiatus, but the wait for new episodes won’t take too much longer. AMC released a new spoiler-filled sneak peek at what lies ahead, and fans won’t want to miss it. Take a look:

This one has some similarities to the previously-released “The Walking Dead” spoiler sneak peek, but there are most definitely differences and new scenes for fans to analyze. Here’s the previous one:

Just what can viewers expect from the rest of season 4? Of course people will have to tune in to find out. While the series follows the comic series in many ways, those behind the show are always sure to throw out some shockers and twists. “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on Sunday, Feb. 19.

Kate Gosselin’s awkward ‘Today’ interview: Mady and Cara have nothing to say

Oh, Kate Gosselin. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time to have Cara and Mady join you on “Today” to reinforce your assertion that the kids are all happy, miss television and what-not. I’m sure you talked to them and coached them in exactly what you wanted them to say. Somehow, however, when the cameras went on, the girls couldn’t help but clam up. Take a look:


Can anybody feel the tension coming off Kate Gosselin in that moment? Sure she was smiling, but I don’t think anybody can make a convincing argument that she wasn’t furious. Kate’s ex Jon Gosselin has made no bones about the fact he thinks being on television for so long hurt his kids. Kate says otherwise. What will people say after watching this clip? It’s completely understandable that Mady and Cara could get shy being on television, especially in a setting like this, and nobody can blame them a bit. Perhaps the message, though, is that they need to be allowed to just live their lives without being under a microscope or in front of a television camera?

Get to know Lucy Aragon from ‘The Bachelor 2014′ with Juan Pablo Galavis

Lucy Aragon The Bachelor 2014

Lucy Aragon of ABCs The Bachelor 2014
Copyright ABC/Craig Sjodin

Lucy Aragon is one of the bachelorettes this season on ABC’s “The Bachelor 2014” with Juan Pablo Galavis. Aragon has already caught the attention of viewers, and it seems there’s plenty more on the way. What do fans need to know about Lucy?

ABC’s profile on Lucy Aragon shares that she is 24-years-old and she’s from Santa Barbara. Her occupation is listed as “free spirit,” and viewers saw plenty of that in the premiere of “The Bachelor 2014.” What else seems key about Lucy? She likes to go topless. A lot. As often as possible, apparently.

Aragon has two tattoos and considers herself to be “Very outgoing, very ambitious, and very well traveled.” She’s also adventurous and she likes to be the center of attention “because I think I deserve to be.” She adds that she has a commanding presence and says, “I am charming, charismatic and entertaining.” Humble seemingly is not a characteristic she possesses.

Reality Steve has dished a bit on Lucy Aragon as well. He shares that she models for Wilhelmina and she seems to adore Kate Upton. For a while after filming Aragon dated Snapchat co-creator Evan Spiegel, but it seems they have already split.

Will Lucy Aragon’s free spirit be a match for “The Bachelor 2014” Juan Pablo Galavis? It seems pretty unlikely, but “The Bachelor” spoilers indicate Aragon will bring plenty of chaos and drama while she is around.

Tune in to ABC’s “The Bachelor 2014” with Juan Pablo Galavis on Monday nights to see Lucy Aragon and the rest of this season’s bachelorettes. Will Galavis find the woman of his dreams this season?

Clare Crawley of The Bachelor 2014
Copyright ABC/Craig Sjodin

Get to know Clare Crawley of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor 2014′ with Juan Pablo Galavis

Clare Crawley of The Bachelor 2014 Copyright ABC/Craig Sjodin

Clare Crawley of The Bachelor 2014
Copyright ABC/Craig Sjodin

Clare Crawley is one of the bachelorettes vying for Juan Pablo Galavis’ attention this season on ABC’s “The Bachelor 2014.” Fans have already taken notice of Clare and are anxious to know more about her. What’s the scoop on Crawley?

ABC notes that Clare Crawley is 32-years-old and is a hairstylist from Sacramento. She has two tattoos and she thinks owning her own business is her greatest achievement so far. Crawley considers herself to be an adventurous person, unless it’s related to food. That said, Clare has never made time to go on a vacation. She also wouldn’t say she’s much of a romantic, nor has she really experienced romance. Will that change with Juan Pablo?

This is one “The Bachelor 2014” contestant who actually doesn’t seem to have much dirt or drama out there to dig up. She is on Twitter, and seems to have a pretty good sense of humor. While she hasn’t tweeted a ton in the past, it looks like she will be doing a bit of posting throughout this season.

Will Clare Crawley be the one to capture Juan Pablo Galavis’ heart? Thanks to “The Bachelor” spoilers she is said to be one to watch, and fans already seem quite taken with her. Tune in to ABC’s “The Bachelor 2014” with Juan Pablo Galavis every Monday night and see what you think of Clare Crawley.

James Spader of 'The Blacklist' on NBC
Photo credit: Stemoc via Wiki Commons

‘The Blacklist’ spoilers: Reddington seeks revenge in ‘The Good Samaritan Killer’

James Spader of 'The Blacklist' on NBC Photo credit: Stemoc via Wiki Commons

James Spader of ‘The Blacklist’ on NBC
Photo credit: Stemoc via Wiki Commons

“The Blacklist” is back with a new episode Monday night, and it looks like it will be a wild one. The show’s Facebook page shared a new preview that will have fans anxious to get back into the swing of things with the new episode. Take a look:


Episode 1×11 is titled “The Good Samaritan Killer,” and Red is on the run. He’s targeting the one who betrayed him, and he’s leaving a mess in his wake. He’ll still be in contact with Liz, and of course there’s still the hunt to figure out who the mole on the team is. Fans are grateful the winter hiatus wasn’t too long, as everybody was left hanging with the fall finale and are anxious to get going with new episodes again.

“The Blacklist” episode 1×11 airs Monday, Jan. 13 on NBC.

Lucy Aragon The Bachelor 2014

Spoilers for ‘The Bachelor 2014′: Lucy embraces being topless

Lucy Aragon The Bachelor 2014

Lucy Aragon of ABCs The Bachelor 2014
Copyright ABC/Craig Sjodin

Lucy Aragon already made quite the impression in the premiere of ABC’s “The Bachelor 2014″ with Juan Pablo Galavis. She embraces being a hippie and this week fans will see that she also seemingly embraces being topless. She seems to think nothing of it, but what will the ladies think? Will Juan Pablo Galavis like this hippie/wild child demeanor?

Take a look at “The Bachelor” spoiler video from the show’s Facebook page:


Is Lucy Aragon modeling herself somewhat after Courtney Robertson’s style during her season of “The Bachelor”? While Robertson may have been outrageous, she saved the nudity for Ben Flajnik. Will Aragon’s love of going topless endear her to the other ladies? Will she find herself accepting a lot of roses from Juan Pablo Galavis?

Tune in Monday, Jan. 13 to see Lucy’s topless antics begin on ABC’s “The Bachelor 2014.”

Kat Hurd ABC The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Galavis

Get to know Kat Hurd of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor 2014′ with Juan Pablo Galavis

Get to know Kat Hurd of 'The Bachelor 2014' Copyright Craig Sjodin/ABC

Get to know Kat Hurd of ‘The Bachelor 2014′
Copyright Craig Sjodin/ABC

This season Juan Pablo Galavis is handing out roses on ABC’s “The Bachelor 2014.” Fans are anxious to get to know more about the ladies hoping to capture his heart, and Kat Hurd is said to be one to watch. What do you need to know about “The Bachelor 2014” contestant Kat Hurd?

According to Reality Steve, Kat Hurd is 29-years-old and hails from Scottsdale, AZ. She attended the University of Iowa, and graduated with a BS in athletic training and a BA in dance in 2007. Hurd went on to get her masters in exercise science in 2010.

Hurd works for Boston Scientific doing medical sales, and she also is with the Phoenix Suns Dance Team, or at least she was prior to heading to film “The Bachelor 2014.” As would be expected from her education background, Kat seems to be quite interested in fitness and healthy food, as can be seen via her Pinterest posts.

One look at Kat Hurd’s Twitter page gives the impression that she’s got a pretty good sense of humor and keeps a positive attitude. She writes, “I believe in high heels and even higher standards. That’s all.” It appears that Hurd makes a very positive impression on Juan Pablo Galavis early on this season, but will she capture his heart?

Tune in to ABC’s “The Bachelor 2014” Monday nights to see what you think of Kat Hurd. Just who will Juan Pablo Galavis choose this season?

Juan Pablo Galavis talks ‘The Bachelor 2014′

Juan Pablo Galavis ABC The Bachelor 2014

Juan Pablo Galavis is ABCs The Bachelor 2014
Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Just how hot will ABC’s “The Bachelor 2014″ with Juan Pablo Galavis be this winter? Fans think it’s going to be a fun season, and it all begins Sunday, Jan. 5. It seems the big media blitz has already started, as Extra chatted briefly with the leading man. Take a look:


Does Juan Pablo Galavis find love this season on “The Bachelor 2014″? There are “The Bachelor” spoilers out about just what goes down, and fans will be anxious to see whether or not they are accurate.

Tune in to ABC Sunday, Jan. 5 and Monday, Jan. 6 for the big premiere of season 18. Will Juan Pablo Galavis manage to sizzle all season on ABC’s “The Bachelor 2014″?

‘Sons of Anarchy’ spoilers: What happens in episode 6×12?

Holy buckets, “Sons of Anarchy” fans… what in the world went down in Tuesday’s episode? Just when you think you know how far Kurt Sutter will go, he shocks you. Sure, people may have seen something coming, but when all is said and done, chances are you were still stunned. So, where does “SOA” go from here? Just two episodes remain before the finale, and goodness only knows what Sutter has in store for these last two episodes.

There are a few “Sons of Anarchy” spoilers included in the preview for episode 6×12 titled “You Are My Sunshine.” So far the video does not match up with the episode title, that is for sure. Is there good news ahead for Jax, Tara and the boys as a family unit? The video does show Jax saying “Don’t worry, it ends well,” but that may or may not be a tease about how this season will end.

Take a look at the preview and see what you think:


'The Little Couple'
Photo credit: TLC

‘The Little Couple’ sneak peek: ‘Countdown to India’

'The Little Couple' Photo credit: TLC

‘The Little Couple’
Photo credit: TLC

Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein of “The Little Couple” are about to embark on a big journey to India to meet their new daughter Zoey. While news is out that they are in India right now with her, Tuesday’s season finale of the show on TLC will show them preparing for the trip. There are a couple of fun sneak peeks out that fans won’t want to miss. Take a look:


People shared another fun sneak peek into Tuesday’s episode. While fans would love to see the show cover the family all together for the first time, that’s not happening quite yet. Will fans get the chance to see that in an upcoming season? So far there doesn’t seem to be work yet on a renewal for “The Little Couple,” but given the strong ratings and fan support it seems highly likely there is more to come.

Tune in to “The Little Couple” Tuesday, Oct. 15 on TLC to see “Countdown to India.”