Kelly and Val talk about their performance on this week’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy have turned out to be one of this season’s hottest couples on “Dancing With the Stars.” The two have a sizzling-hot chemistry, and fans enjoy watching them together on the dance floor. Monday night they struggled a bit with their dance, but fans loved it nonetheless. The two chatted about this week’s dance after the show, and give a bit of a heads-up about where they are headed next. Take a look:

Kelly Monaco is obviously a bit frustrated with the judge’s feedback and scores, but Val seems to be keeping a chipper outlook for them both. This couple has to be one of the closest new couples to hit the “DWTS” dance floor, as it seems they just immediately connected and have been growing closer every week. Luckily nobody is eliminated this week, as all the scores and votes are rolled into next week’s. What did you think of Kelly and Val’s performance this week on “Dancing With the Stars”?

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