ABC’s ‘The Bachelor 2013′ spoilers: Who receives Sean Lowe’s final rose?

Sean LoweCopyright ABC/Craig Sjodin

Sean Lowe
Copyright ABC/Craig Sjodin

Sean Lowe’s journey as ABC’s “The Bachelor 2013″ begins Monday, Jan. 7, and fans can’t wait to see how things go. Of course Reality Steve has been back with “The Bachelor” spoilers for the season, and he says he’s got the goods on which lady receives Sean Lowe’s final rose this season. What’s the scoop said to be?

Reality Steve┬áspoilers say that the final four ladies for “The Bachelor 2013″ are AshLee Frazier, Catherine Giudici, Desiree Hartsock and Lindsay Yenter. Steve’s intel indicates that Desiree is eliminated after hometowns, while AshLee is sent home after the overnight dates in Thailand. “The Bachelor 2013″ final rose ceremony is said to come down to Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici. So, who receives Sean Lowe’s final rose?

Steve says that the final rose ceremony takes place at the Pa Sok Tong Villa outside Chiang Rai, Thailand. This season there will be no drama or shocking twists, it’s just a traditional rose ceremony. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Sean Lowe’s final rose goes to Catherine Giudici, and the two leave Thailand engaged.

Could Sean and Catherine find happily ever after together? Fans won’t know the answer to that for a while yet, but they can’t wait to find out. Here’s hoping ABC’s “The Bachelor 2013″ brings “Bachelor Nation” fans what they’ve been hoping to see for years now: the lead and his final rose holder walking down the aisle. Chris Harrison called Sean Lowe the most sincere bachelor they’ve ever had, and fans hope that he finds true love.


  1. If it is Sean and Catherine and they don’t have a “happily ever after” ending the show will suffer greatly I believe. If, however, the two enjoy a solid relationship or better yet marriage this show may enjoy many more years. Since Ashley and J.P. just got married – aired on TV none the less, this could be just the one-two punch this show has needed for so long. Quite frankly I hope it works out and do love Catherine, good luck folks and ABC.

    • It is a joke this season…as a 62 year old woman..Sean is just a play boy it is true what they said about him. I don’t think Katherine or the other one will be a good match for him. He let the girl that should be his wife go….oh well..that is his lost. Don’t put men or women in this show and be untrue to the public

      • Cookie fan says:

        If you think Ashlee was for him them you are projecting your feelings onto him. Ashlee is broken (her words). Sean just didn’t want to be her savior or pet. He knew what he was doing when he cut her loose. She needs a good shrink more than a husband.

  2. This is the most ridiculous Bachelor ever, why do we have to watch Sean look like an idiot. First Ben then Jake and the rest of the crazies they get on the show. and that includes Casey the physco with the tatoo!!! I will now be an ex-viewer…Thanks to the Tierra ist…

  3. I think next time they need to plant a spy for the bachelor. A married sister, a friend, a cousin. These poor guys are so whipped they don’t know if they are coming or going. Maybe give them access to a spy cam.

    • I agree….a spy planted in the house or a camera for the bachelor to see…..wonderful idea…and a new twist

      • T M Hanson says:

        Oh my yes! I have thought for years…
        They should allow the Bachelor to have a double mirror into what’s really going on…
        It’s ONLY fair he see’s every side of his future wife!
        Plus, it could save him from sending home his possible soulmate!!

        • I think that is a great idea!!

          • This was done in a much earlier season. I believe it was the wife of a good friend who was in the house and spied on the girls for the bachelor. I just can’t remember who the bachelor was.

  4. My daughter and I have watched the last many seasons and Frankly it has gotten too formulaic. Bad girl who seems to go on forever (We were so OVER Tierra we almost stopped watching. She was the worst bad girl ever.) Guy shows up from the past. Girl from a past show shows up. And a reasonable guy is always blind to the bad girl. C’mon. Show us some reality.

  5. This show seems scripted in general. I can’t see how Sean and Catherine are the last 2 standing. There must be more than wwe (viewers) don’t get to see…

  6. My daughter and I watch every show. But not always excited about who is chosen for final rose! Record not that impressive to us. We will continue to watch, but sweet Ashlee was our pick from the beginning. They were a great couple and she was always so sincere.
    Here is to wishing Sean and Catherine many years of happiness, if she truly is his pick.

    • I haven’t thought Catherine was a good selection for Sean – Ashlee seemed more like a better connection. I was disappointed that Lesley M didn’t give him the feedback he wanted to move forward. They would have been the perfect pair…

      • ANNIE.O says:

        i am shocked he didn’t go up and hug sara…after all her feeling and all….he should have hugged her tonite!!!! he is cold !!

  7. Hope Sean and Catherine will have a lasting relationship. I love them together. They look sooooo cute.

    • I agree! Love them two together!

      • mommachrist says:

        I agree too !!! Sean and Catherine are perfect for each other, they’re such a cute couple. He made the right choice.

        • I agree! Catherine is the best choice. They make a great couple. It be nice to see their wedding on Tv like Jp and Ashley’s wedding was aired on Tv.

        • Catherine and Sean will never work. Her sisters said she is a slob and doesn’t want kids. Sean and Catherine will be over very soon. I was a big fan of Ashlee. They would have been the perfect couple.

          • Sorry I didn’t see Cathrine winning the final rose. What ever makes him happy. Did he choose cause Daddy already welcomed her to the family so that was the approval Sean needed. Wishing them happiness. I think this will be the last that I will watch. It’s to far out there and one big joke.. Still can’t get over the Emily thing again. I know lets just have her on again.

          • Ashlee should have been Seans choice. Instead he picks someone who isnt the maturest
            of the three and has forgotten what he was told during the home town dates. She
            isnt ready to settle downnot to mention have children! Ashlee should have been his choice. I lost a lot or respect for Sean over the whole Tiera drama. The fact that any man could not see what she was about is unreal!

    • ANNIE.O says:

      i think her sisters will be the problem…big time….plus he may have laughs with her…but A MARRAIGE IS ALOT MORE THAN LAUGHS AND GOOD TIMES…she is much tooo young and giddish..he needs a REAL woman…not a child !!!

  8. I think he acted dorky or goofy with catherine. with ashlee he was a man looking for a wife. leslie just doesnt seem like she is ready for marriage and a family. I dont know. i did love the way ashlee went home with her head held high. no begging!!!! NOW who will be the new bachelorette?

    • Kathleen Fernandez says:

      I love Sedans sincerity and he said several times he felt the most comfortable with Catherine and that is what any MSN wants in a wife. The rest is for them to work out no matter what her sisters think

    • i agree…ashley was the WOMAN of the group…i certainly HOPE THEY DON’T GET A USED ETTE FOR THE NEXT GIRL WE NEED A N E W WOMAN…THERE are enough around why used has beens.????borrrring !!


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