New ‘The Bachelor 2013′ spoiler sneak peek teases rest of season

Sean Lowe The Bachelor 2013 Copyright ABC/Francisco Roman

Sean Lowe The Bachelor 2013
Copyright ABC/Francisco Roman

Sean Lowe has whittled down his field of potential wives on ABC’s “The Bachelor 2013″ this season to his final three, and he will present his final rose on the March 11 finale. During Tuesday night’s “Sean Tells All” special ABC shared a new preview with some great teasers of what lies ahead. There will be romance, heartbreak and apparently some shockers, and fans won’t want to miss a minute of it. Take a look at the new preview and let’s break down the details.

Of course there is some heavy editing at play here. Will Catherine Giudici really turn down the fantasy suite card? Let’s just say there is essentially zero chance of that happening. Will anybody say no? That remains to be seen, though ABC teases that AshLee Frazier does “draw a line in the sand” and that leads some to believe she may say no. Though Sean Lowe may have seemed indecisive during his last rose ceremony, by the time the final decision comes he says he’s absolutely certain of things. Fans have questioned “The Bachelor” spoilers that reveal who receives Sean’s final rose, but the producers have definitely been sprinkling in some hints, including via some previously unseen tidbits in Tuesday’s “Sean Tells All.”

There is one big mystery remaining with “The Bachelor 2013″ that spoilers have not yet uncovered. Reality Steve will surely find out the scoop at some point, but so far he has had to admit he doesn’t have the goods on this one. ABC shows that as Sean Lowe stands at the spot of the final rose ceremony, he is given a letter by Chris Harrison that seems to be written by one of the ladies. Sean tears up and supposedly says, “How could she do this to me?” Of course ABC wants people to believe perhaps Sean gets stood up by his first choice, or someone he already cut comes back asking for a second chance.

There are plenty of possibilities here. My guesses? Maybe it’s from his final pick, who wrote a letter expressing her love for him for him to read before she got there. Maybe it’s from his mom or sister, telling him how much they trust in his ability to make a decision. Perhaps it’s from his second choice, something she wrote just in case and had delivered after the fact. My bet is that the “How could she do this to me?” is actually NOT related to the letter and is a sneaky editing trick.

I don’t believe, truthfully, that the letter is actually a bad thing. I may be wrong, but I’m hedging my bet on the letter being from his chosen one, and something she asked Chris to give Sean before she walked down. Of course it could be from Desiree, Tierra, or something else – but with Sean supposedly so confident, I don’t see him getting emotional over them at that point. I’ll admit, even though I believe ABC is up to tricky editing on this one, I AM curious to see who it is from!

Tune in to ABC’s “The Bachelor 2013″ on Monday, Feb. 25 to see the fantasy overnight dates, then the “Women Tell All” airs on March 4. The big three-hour finale airs Monday, March 11, including what apparently will be another live “After the Final Rose” special. Did Sean Lowe find happiness this season? Fans can’t wait to watch and see.

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