Sneak peek of ‘The Bachelor 2013′ spoilers for the finale: The final dates

Sean Lowe The Bachelor 2013 Copyright ABC/Francisco Roman

Sean Lowe The Bachelor 2013
Copyright ABC/Francisco Roman

Fans of ABC’s “The Bachelor 2013″ will be counting down until the three-hour finale airs on Monday, March 11. During the episode on Feb. 25 ABC shared a great sneak peek that details the final dates and tough decision Sean Lowe faces. Will it be Lindsay Yenter or Catherine Giudici? Spoiler fans think they already know the answer, but getting through that final rose ceremony will be quite the wild ride.

As is typical of the finale, Sean Lowe has final dates with both Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter, and both ladies meet his family. “The Bachelor” spoiler preview from ABC showcases a bit of the dates, and it seems Sean is very torn between his final two ladies. He is, of course, looking for clarity from his family. It seems Sean’s dad likes the gals, which is exactly what most would expect given how great Sean’s dad was during “The Bachelorette.” While Sean’s mom is also fantastic, the previews indicate she is the conservative one of the group when it comes to Sean Lowe proposing. However, spoilers indicate that he does just that.

Then there is “THE LETTER.” The new preview really didn’t give anything new away about this, except some may wonder – could the letter be from Sean’s mom? That’s a new possibility that hadn’t been teased before, but is entirely plausible. Luckily despite all the editing and suspense, word has it that Sean and his final lady are happy and excited to let the world in on the secret. It may not be a smooth ride to the finale, but fans are anxious to take the journey along with Sean, Catherine and Lindsay regardless.

Tune in to the three-hour finale of ABC’s “The Bachelor 2013″ with Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter on Monday, March 11.

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