‘The Challenge: Rivals II’ spoilers: Who wins this season’s finale battle?

MTV logoMTV’s “The Challenge: Rivals II” will debut on July 10, and fans cannot wait to check out the new season. As is usually the case, Molds13 at the Vevmo forums has “The Challenge” spoilers for this season. Will fans be thrilled or disappointed with the winners for this season?

According to Molds13, the winners of “The Challenge: Rivals II” are CT Tamburello and Wes Bergmann for the guys and Emily Schromm and Paula Meronek for the ladies. It seems that Johnny Bananas Devenanzio and Frank Sweeney are second for the men while Cara Maria Sorbello and Heather Cooke are second for the women. That then means that Jordan Wiseley and Marlon Williams take third place for the men while Camila Nakagawa and Jemmye Carroll take third for the women.

Many will likely be thrilled to see CT win and Johnny Bananas lose this one, but there will surely be groans over Paula winning. Tune in to MTV beginning July 10 to see how it all goes down this season on “The Challenge: Rivals II.”

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