‘Big Brother 2013′ Aaryn Gries exit interview: She doesn’t get it yet

Aaryn Gries of 'Big Brother 15' Photo credit: CBS live feeds

Aaryn Gries of ‘Big Brother 15′
Photo credit: CBS live feeds

Thursday night many “Big Brother 2013″ fans were thrilled to see Aaryn Gries evicted from the house. Many had been waiting all season to see how Julie Chen would handle the exit interview, given Aaryn’s racist, homophobic, anti-adoption and other derogatory remarks. Many feel that Julie handled it fairly well, being professional yet not letting Aaryn too easily off the hook. Take a look:

Of course Aaryn Gries said many more horrible things than Julie Chen mentioned. At the same time, Aaryn is hardly the only one who has said offensive things. She just happens to be the one most thrown under the bus by CBS when it came to the televised version of “Big Brother 2013.” Clearly Aaryn is quite clueless about how she is being perceived, and by just how offensive her commentary was this season.

Aaryn Gries does not yet know the impact her comments have had on her modeling career and how she has been perceived. She won’t learn all of that until after the “Big Brother 2013″ finale in early September. Will these issues have a long-lasting impact on her, will she change her perspective on things? Many will be curious to follow her for a bit after she leaves the show to see if she just reverts to her old ways or takes this opportunity to make some changes.

“Big Brother 2013″ airs Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights on CBS.

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