‘The Challenge’ spoilers: Who wins Season 23, ‘Battle of the Seasons’?

The new season of MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes” is airing Wednesday nights, and fans are excited about this one. The format should bring lots of drama and things will be a bit less predictable than seasons past due to the make-up of the cast. Of course everybody is looking for “The Challenge” spoilers, and the Vevmo forum seems to have the goods once again. What has Molds13 shared about this season’s final mission?

According to moderator Molds13 at Vevmo, the top three teams are: Brooklyn, Las Vegas and San Diego. Molds goes on to say that San Diego wins, Las Vegas comes in second and Brooklyn takes third. In terms of players, that means:

  • Third place Brooklyn: Chet Cannon, Devyn Simone, JD Ordonez and Sarah Rice
  • Second place Las Vegas: Dustin Zito and Trishelle
  • First place San Diego: Ashley Kelsey, Frank Sweeney, Sam McGinn and Zach Nichols

It’s not clear yet how the Las Vegas team ends up down to only two while the other two teams remain teams of four. There is a lot unknown about this season, and it’ll be quite the finale to have newbies win. What do you think of this “Challenge” spoiler news? Tune in Wednesday, Sept. 19 to see it all begin with Season 23, “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.”



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